Unsolicited Comments From Previous Clients

"Since seeing you about 9 years ago, I have changed so much! I don't waste time now doing just what people want me to do, just to please them so that they would like me - I used to need that. I can now say "No, what's the point of that?" and I'm not bothered if that's not what they want to hear. My husband is amazed at how much more assertive I am. Thank you so much for helping me all those years ago. It gets better year on year. Like you said, "Positive builds on positive, not negative on negative"."  - woman (32 at the time, 2003) (received July 2012)

"I was speaking to my sister into the early hours of tonight - she came to see you years ago. She experienced abuse when she was a child, and it had a profound effect on her life. I remember talking to her years ago and her saying that she really benefitted from coming to see you. We have been speaking at length tonight and she said how she always felt different and inferior to other people, and the thought of her feeling that way was so awful. She said that after seeing you, she really felt comfortable in her own skin. You've no idea how happy I am that she feels that way now and I just want to say thank you. She has a life filled with joy and she is a very happy person, who makes the most of opportunities. She's had lots of exciting adventures and I wanted to thank you, because I don't think she would have done it, or been confident enough in her own skin if she hadn't have been to see you, and had someone who she could talk to without judging her. I just want to tell you I really appreciate it - I have the best sister you could wish for so thank you for enabling her to be her." - sister of woman (42 at the time, 1994) (received April 2012)

"I feel now that I am confident enough to carry on with how I am doing as I no longer feel the need for treatment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me, I have the utmost respect for you. You have changed my life..." - man (22) non-medical erectile dysfunction (2009)

"I'm still not smoking - it's nearly a year now." - man (50) smoking (2009)

"I saw you when you were in Queen Street in the early nineties. .... I continue to use your tape which I converted to an mp3 file, so that I can use it wherever I am. I still find it extremely helpful for relaxation and refocusing ...." - man (2007) (28 at the time of being a client) smoking

"I saw you about six years ago. I left the partnership and set up on my own, and can now pay myself 100 grand a year.You turned my life round."  - woman (36 at the time of being a client), self-image, relationship problems, lack of personal direction (2003)

"I am sad to say goodbye but also glad that you have helped me so much." - woman (41) relationship issues, low self esteem, poor self-image (1998)

"Thank you especially for your professionalism." - woman (41) relationship bereavement (1995)

"Had a wonderful flight [to Yugoslavia], thanks to you." - woman (53) claustrophobia, especially in aeroplanes (1993)

"We should call you Mr Happy, because you bring happiness to people." - woman (49) uncontrolled eating habits and weight problems (1987)

"I love my nails now." - woman (42) chronic nailbiting (1987)