Can hypnosis help you?

Hypnosis, whether "clinical" or "psychological" can help with any problem that causes you to suffer in any way - mentally, emotionally or physically.  (Please see the "Psychological Therapy, Hypnotherapy" page for explanations of these two terms.) In a nutshell a "problem" may be characterised by a situation where you habitually do something that you don't want to do, or can't do something that you want to do. A "problem" would typically be characterised by pain at some level or other, whether physical or emotional or both.

Physical (psychosomatic) Pain

Physical pain especially that which appears to have no sound medical cause can be effectively treated by hypnosis. "Phantom limb pain" (ie pain in a limb now absent through amputation) is one such instance, as is "thalamic pain" (ie pain where the brain apparently transmits a pain signal in error). Of course, before you try hypnosis it is always wise to check with your GP first about the nature of your pain, and where necessary ask for a referral to a pain-specialist. It is only where medical intervention doesn't work or  can't explain your pain that you should try hypnosis. On the other hand your doctor might suggest that you could enhance the effectiveness of your medical treatment through the use of hypnosis. Members of the BSCAH (formerly British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis) are specially trained to treat pain through hypnosis.


The dangers of smoking need no elaboration here, but smoking can  be effectively treated by hypnosis. However, rather than addressing the symptoms alone, the psychological reasons why you may have found it difficult to stop will also be addressed. The process takes up to three sessions, but typically I have been successful in one session. Because psychological factors are usually involved in stopping smoking, it is advisable to ensure that your life at the moment is relatively free of crisis or high stress. This is because smoking is often used as a crutch in such situations, and being relatively stress- or anxiety-free at the time of your therapy would greatly enhance your success in stopping smoking.

Emotional Pain, Anxiety, Lack of Confidence, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Stress etc. 

Though it is bad form to put "etc" in a title, the list of presenting problems that can be helped with psychological hypnosis is endless.They don't fit neatly into discrete categories and the boundaries between them are often vague. In general terms, such problems can make you feel disempowered, lethargic and generally not enjoying or not getting the best out of life.

As explained in the "Psychological Underpinnings of Therapy" section, the use of hypnosis with positive psychology offers you an opportunity to not only free yourself from the problems, but also pool your personal resources together to get more out of life. The long term effects of such therapy properly done can be summed up as a continual and subtle feeling of personal growth and confidence.

So whether it is a simple case of feeling a little stressed or having chronic phobias or anxieties which encroach upon the quality of your life, psycholotherapeutic hypnosis can help you to straighten things out. Simply contact me for a no-obligation Introductory Consultation to discuss in an honest and unpressured way.


"Cuidam e cura soluto, eidem animi tranquillitas"

(Inner peace shall come to those who have been set free from their anxieties.)

This was created for my practice in 1990 when I operated from Queen Street, Blackpool.